Set up the Quip integration on Workplace

Quip integration makes it easy to share content from Quip within Workplace on web and mobile. It also enables authenticated previews so people can see more information about a Quip document without leaving Workplace. You can link a Quip folder to a Workplace group so teams can easily access their documents and see who's working on what.
Note: You must be the primary administrator for your organization in Quip to complete this process.
  1. Go to the Workplace Integrations Directory.
  2. Search for Quip.
  3. Click Add to Workplace. A dialog window will appear.
  4. In a new window, navigate to the Quip Admin Dashboard.
  5. Select Create API Key.
  6. Name your service and save to generate the Client ID and Secret.
  7. Enter the Client ID and Secret into the dialog that appeared in step 3.
  8. Click Install.
  9. The dialog will close and the Quip integration will be enabled for everyone in your organization.
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