Troubleshooting CSV uploads on Workplace

If you're having trouble uploading a CSV file, it may be due to one of these common issues:
  • Not in CSV Format: All files must be in the valid CSV format (file extension .csv). Other file types and formats aren't accepted.
  • Not UTF-8 Encoded: All files must be encoded in UTF-8 character encoding.
  • Values Contain Commas: If a value contains a comma, the whole value must be escaped by using double quotes (ex. "value_with_comma"). For example London, England should be stored in the CSV as "London, England".
  • Duplicates: Duplicate employee records will cause errors in the CSV validation.
  • Incorrect Capitalization: Incorrect capitalization won't normally cause an error, but names, locations, and other fields will be stored with the same capitalization as in the CSV file.
  • Invalid Phone Number: Phone numbers should be in the format [country code] + [area code] + [phone number] (ex. +1 800 555 0150).
  • Invalid Locale: The locale should be one of the valid abbreviations listed in Facebook locales.
  • Entry limit exceeded: There is a limit of 2000 entries for CSV uploads.
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